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  FundCrowd Benefits

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A Not-For-Profit designed to help raise money for individuals / families and other non-profits
 around Wisconsin and Upper Illinois.  We are Community driven Not-For-Profit that prides ourselves on helping others battle against illness and other life threatening situations.  We also help families by providing funds for living expenses, medical costs and fun activities like
vacations. These events are held all over Wisconsin and Illinois. 


 Recently a scholarship has been started to provide a student at Waukesha County Technical College.  The FundCrowd Benefits Traveling Scholarship was created to help a student travel with the Waukesha County Technical CollegeCollegiate DECA Chapter.  A student is determined by their GPA, the amount of Community Service Hours completed, and by their Essay Question response.  The student must be dedicated to their school work, and driven to succeed in life.  For your Commitment to Education, Civic Consciousness, Vocational Understanding, Leadership Development, and Social Intelligence